We Use the
twister™ diamond cleaning system

a revolution in hard surface floor maintenance

The twister™ diamond cleaning system is ideal for hard surface floors such as:

Polished Concrete


Marble and Granite

How We Do It

the 3 step process

STEP 1: Using our  patented and high performance polishing pads and the correct dilution of specialized floor restorer chemical deep cleans the floor, and removes scratches from its surface. The result is a clean and uniform surface ready for the polishing step.

STEP 2: Now the use of another patented high performance pad and our specialized floor polishing compound to begin polishing the surface. You will now begin to see the potential luster your floor has without the use of waxes or other harsh chemicals.

STEP 3: Our final step is to use an ultra high speed performance pad to bring out the full brilliant shine of your floor. Thanks to the flexibility and composition, our pad will clean down into grout lines and irregularities to deliver unsurpassed results.

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