High Speed Burnishing

Don't be oversold on over stripping and waxing your floors. We offer high speed buffing as a cost-effective alternative that will maintain your floors shine between stripping and waxing.

If your floors are losing  their luster, but are not too dirty, Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning can offer an  cost effective way to bring the finish back to their just waxed appearance. We believe that not every floor needs fully stripped and re-waxed, and with the correct floor maintenance program, we can extend the life of your floors with ultra high speed-buffing. Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning is proud to use an ultra high-speed propane buffer that delivers unparalleled results (the "wet" look)  compared to other electric buffing machines. Ultra high-speed buffing, is a cost-effective way to maintain the durability and gloss of your floors. The amount of times your floor will need buffed will vary depending on the amount of traffic your facility receives,weather and daily maintenance. At Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning, we like to complete all aspects of the floor work beginning with your yearly stripping and waxing to your daily, weekly and monthly maintenances.   

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