Construction Clean Up

We know your company took the time and money to make it right, we in turn will make sure it is cleaned to perfection.

Here at Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning, we have the experience and drive to quickly schedule and complete your construction clean-up job to you and your customer's satisfaction. As a commercial contractor, we realize that your company has put a lot of time and effort into delivering an excellent building or remolding job for your customer. When the cleaning phases of the job come up, there is often a very small window of time for a cleaning company to get in there to deliver the Initial/ Rough Cleaning, the Main Cleaning, and the Retouch Cleaning. We have been involved in one to all of these cleaning phases, and have never put a job behind schedule. In addition, we have quality equipment that is able to handle the high demands of a construction clean-up job, especially the fine drywall dust that is found everywhere.

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